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HFC 19 Results

Shoaf and Tweedy Art Pic NEWWhat an unbelievable night of action at the Porter County Fairgrounds. The main event between Tom Shoaf and Austin Tweedy was tagged by Paul Vale as the greatest fight in HFC history. The words "I quit" just aren't in their vocabulary, the two fighter's waged war against each other for three rounds. Tweedy had a takedown early but Shoaf was able to get back up and the two fighters looked to strike. Later in the round Shoaf landed a flying knee followed by a big right hand that dropped Tweedy but Tweedy quickly stood back up. Tweedy landed another takedown in the second but Shoaf threatened with an armbar. The rest of the fight was just pure excitement and way too much for words. Neither fighter would give an inch with Shoaf doing considerable damage in the standup but Tweedy just kept coming. Even in the third round, a bloodied Tweedy showed tremendous heart continuing to come forward after taking everything that Shoaf had to offer. The crowd was electric and on their feet throughout the bout with huge support being heard for both fighters. After three rounds it was Tom Shoaf earning a unaninmous decision victory. After the fight Paul Vale, yes Paul Vale came to the cage to express his gratitude to Tweedy and Shoaf. Anyone that has been around HFC knows that Paul Vale typically avoids talking in the cage but this fight was truly something special. Not only did Paul announce that both fighters would receive the Never Give Up award, Shoaf picked up a $500 bonus from his sponsor Hammerfist Fight Gear. I really hope the video is shown from this fight because honestly, words just can't describe the excitement of this fight!

 In the co-main event it was Kevin Nowaczyk (Elite Performance) picking up a big unanimous decision victory over Shamar Bailey (Integrated Fighting Systems). Nowaczyk was able to use good distance in the stand up and not only stuffed the majority of Bailey's take down attempts, he executing some of his own. Nowaczyk controlled the pace of the fight and moves his record to 10-3 over Bailey, who drops to 16-10.

Kevin Art pic
Duneland Vale Tudo's Matt Hemry let his hands go in the first round, forcing Zach Harvey back up against the cage. In doing so it created the opening for Hemry to seek out the guillotine, Hemry switched to the D'arce choke causing Harvey to tap out in the first round. Hemry moves to 4-1 and plans to make the 125 pound division his home.

Hemry article pic

Rob Caulfield (G2/ Elite Performance) grinded out a unanimous decision victory over Erick Lozano (Xtreme). Caulfield's wrestling and ground control overwhelmed Lozano and was the difference in this bout, as Caulfield moves to 2-0 as a Pro.

Rob Caulfield art pic

Bobby Moffett (Glen Hudson Muay Thai/ Randori Jiu-Jitsu) was able to finish Terry House in the first round with a first round D'arce choke. All three of his professional victories have come in the first round by submissions. Moffetts jiu-jitsu is on another level and is a huge threat at 145 pounds.

Bobby Art pic

Duneland Vale Tudo's Dustin Pape advanced to 4-1 with a hard fought victory over Yousef Al-Ghoul (Top Notch). Al-Ghoul looked to mount a comeback in the third but Pape landed a nice head kick near the end of the round, Pape had the edge in the striking and was a little quicker on this evening, earning the unanimous decision victory.

Pape Art pic

Michael Jordan picked up his first win as a pro defeating Justin Hughes (G2/UFC Gym). Hughes landed a big overhand right hand that dropped Jordan, but Jordan was able to land an armbar in the first round.

Jordan Art Pic

James Mogollon (American Top Team) landed a nasty left head kick to Johnathan Dutton (Xtreme) to start the fight. Mogollon looked for a guillotine before electing for a mounted guillotine and earned the victory over Dutton in the first round.

Mogollan Art Pic

Anne Malinoff (Team Colon) made HFC history becoming the first women's amateur champion with a hard fought victory over Elane Santiago. Malinoff avoided some early trouble from an armbar but persevered through and went on to take down Santiago in every round. Malinoff looked sharp with her striking using good foot movement and mixed it up nicely to keep Santiago on the defense. Anne Malinoff looks better and better after every fight and has the heart to match! 

Malinoff Art pic


What a great job by Paul and Danielle Vale, this event will stay embedded in my memory for years to come and I thank them for it. For the fans that endured the poor driving conditions to get to the venue, they were certainly not disappointed!

Amateur Card

135  Zach Bartellheim (0-0) Duneland Vale Tudo def Cody Root (0-2) Luna MMA by unanimous decision

Bartel Artic pci
145 James Frasure (5-1) Duneland Vale Tudo def William Kroegher (2-1) Fight Science by Triangle Round 2 1:59

Frasure art pic
125 Askar Askar (3-0) Elite Performance def Nick Dorley (6-1) Jacked and Tan by TKO :15 Round 2

Askar askar art pic
185 Chris Malamatos (2-2) Duneland Vale Tudo def James Kernats (2-0) Elite Performance by Dr. stoppage Round 1

Malamatos Art pic

125 Women's HFC Amateur Championship
Anne Malinoff (3-2) Team Colon def Elane Santiago (5-0) Jacked and Tan by unanimous decision 30-27,30-27,29-28

155 James Mogollon (5-0) American Top Team def John Dutton (0-1) Xtreme MMA by mounted guillotine 1:02 Round 1
135 Michael Jordan (0-1) def Justin Hughes (0-0) G2/UFC Gym by Triangle 4:08 Round 1
170 Dustin Pape 3-1 (Duneland Vale Tudo) def Yousef Al-Ghoul (Top Notch) 2-0 by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28,29-28
145 Bobby Moffett (Gen Hudson) 2-0 def Terry House (Team Colon) by D'arce Choke 3:25 Round 1
170 Rob Caulfield G2/ Elite Performance def Erick Lozano (Xtreme MMA) by unanimous decision
125 Matt Hemry (Duneland Vale Tudo) def Zach Harvey by D'arce choke 2:45 Round 1

Co-Main Event
170 Kevin Nowaczyk def Shamar Bailey by unanimous decision

Main Event
155 Tom Shoaf (Evolution MMA/ Team Colon) def Austin Tweedy (American Top Team) by unanimous decision

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