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MoreMma Classic IV Results Summary and Recap

On January 17th there was a great night of fights as Ed Walz presented the fourth installment of More MMA Classic fight nights. On the night there were 3 Kickboxing bouts and 11 MMA matches with the night concluding with 2 title fights. The title fights saw the vacant Welterweight championship contested between Josh Streaker of MMA Stop and Steve Winston of Bushido. The Main Event on the night saw Rufus Elston of Comprido BJJ against defending champ Brendon Toler for the More MMA Classic Light heavyweight Championship.

The More MMA Classic Welterweight title match was a great match up between two guys who wanted to no more than to be called champion as Josh Streaker took on Steve Winston. From the bell these guys wasted no time getting after each other. Both came out letting their hands fly and after several quick exchanges it was Josh Streaker who connected with a right hook to the chin and a secession of punches to Steve Winston that put an end to the bout at 29 seconds of the first round. Josh Streaker was crowned the More MMA Classic Welterweight Champion

The Main Event and More MMA Classic Light Heavyweight Title match had Rufus Elston taking on the defending champion in Brendan Toler. From the opening Brendan Toler was a man on a mission as he stalked and picked apart Rufus Elston from the opening bell. Brendan was eventually able to lock in a head and arm choke standing and take Elston down and secure the win via Head and Arm Choke at 1:26 of the first round and remain the More MMA Classic Light Heavyweight Champion.

The Knockout of the Night was in a Heavyweight match that had Brad Schott of Bang Muay Thai finishing Rich Ballard of Arebalo Fight Team with a Teep/Push kick to the chin. The Submission of the Night is Genesis fighter Brendan Toler’s Head and Arm choke finish of Rufus Elston from Comprido BJJ). And the Fight of the Night is More MMA’s Josh Streaker and Bushido’s Steve Winston slugfest that kept the crowd loud from beginning to end.

The tag team Ed Walz and Mike Aguirre put together an awesome card for January 17th and only have more great things to come. The full results of the card follow below:

125 lb Abel Alvarado (Hybrid Martial Arts) Def Nathan Bly (Arebalo Fight Team) via Rear Naked Choke at 1:21 of Round 3
140 lb Ismael Mancera (Top Notch) Def Jordan Cooper (Arch Alliance) via Submission due to strikes at 2:18 of Round 1
205 lb Zack Mulkins (Warrior MMA) Def Evan Casey (Arebalo Fight Team) via Ref Stoppage due to strikes at 2:06 of Round 2
135 lb Samantha Diaz (Hybrid Martial Arts) Def Rajwah Razik (UFC Gym) via Decision
155 lb Henry Stover (Prime MT MMA) Def Brian Herrera (MMA Stop) via Decision
160 lb Jarred Trulove (Warrior MMA) Def Dylan Weaver (Arch Alliance) via strikes at :37 of Round 1
135 lb Tyler Lorek (UFC Gym) Def Jito Vargas (2nd City MMA) via Strikes at :55 of Round 1
170 lb Mazen Ballout (UFC Gym) Def Lawrence Ciancio (Prime MT MMA) via Decision
160 lb Johnny Torres (Carlson Gracie) Def Derrick Wich (Top Notch) via Decision
150 lb James Yarborough (hybrid Martial Arts) Def Trevor Miller (Dean’s KB) via Decision
185 lb Nico Rocha (Comprido BJJ) Def John Trepani (Karate USA) via Ref Stoppage due to strikes at :35 of round 1
HVY Brad Schott (Bang Muay Thai) Def Rich Ballard (Arebalo Fight Team) via KO at 2:08 of round 1
170 lb Championship Josh Streaker (MMA Stop) Def Steve Winston (Bushido) via Referee Stoppage at :29 of round 1
205 lb Championship Brendon Toler (Genesis) Def Rufus Elston (Comprido BJJ) via Submission (head & Arm Choke) at 1:26 of round

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