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10 Questions with Torres Martial Arts Jake Nauracy

JakeTorres Martial Arts fighter and Cutthroat MMA’s 135 lb champion tells us what it’s like to train with Miguel Torres.


How and when did you start training in martial arts or MMA?

I started training when I was about 14. I started watching the first Ultimate Fighter show, and just had a dream of being a fighter one day; I thought it would be the coolest thing in the world. Well I played football at the time and the season ended and I started going to a gym to lift weights. In the gym there was an aerobics room where I seen some guys grappling and boxing and I went in there and met Miguel and he showed me a few submissions and I thought it was cool as hell and really wanted to continue, so Miguel gave me the class schedule and I started going to the classes.

Where and how many days a week do you train?

I currently train 6 days a week Monday through Saturday at Torres Martial Arts.

jake nauracy

What is your least and most favorite part of training?

My least favorite thing about training is probably having to watch what I eat, I get very mean when I have to deprive myself of certain foods. My favorite part of training would probably be when I get done surviving a sparring session with Miguel haha. Really...he tries to kill me.

What is your favorite submission hold?

I have a large arsenal of submissions that I’m good at, but my favorite would probably be a calf slicer. It is such a sneaky submission that not too many people are aware of until they are caught in it.

Who is your favorite fighter?

My favorite fighter would have to be Miguel Torres. Miguel is like an older brother to me and has helped me out with so much, whether it having to do with the gym or not. I am very grateful to have met him.

How long did you train before taking your first amateur fight?

I trained for about 4 yrs before I had my first MMA fight, well I trained jiu-jitsu for that long. I never really boxed until after my first fight.

What was your toughest MMA fight to date?

My toughest MMA fight so far would probably be when I fought Dan Aguirre. He was a lot tougher than what I expected and he was the only opponent who took me into the second round so far.

Do you have any scheduled fights upcoming?

I have a fight lined up for February 19th at the Hammond Civic Center, but do not have an opponent at the moment.

Where do you see yourself in 2 years in MMA?

In 2 years, I hope that I’m relatively close to the top of the rankings in the UFC.

If you could offer 1 piece of advice to someone beginning in the sport, what would it be?

One piece of advice I could offer to someone that is getting into MMA, would be don't give up training if it’s really something that you would want to do. There are so many people that go to a gym for a few weeks and think their tough as shit and then stop going. Everyone has potential for making what they want to happen, happen. It’s just a matter of how bad you want it.

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