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 In what turned out to be a night of few surprises, Johnny Torres and Samie Sabbah represented PACMMA at the Cicero Stadium on October 30th. This marked the first night PACMMA has competed in MMA since opening up the new location. The way the night went, it was like PACMMA never left as they stole the show like old times.  









 Samie, aka "The Swamp Thing", started the night off for PACMMA when he took on 6-4,  280lbs Ole Nickels. Samie knew he had a distinct size disadvantage but showed no fear going into the cage for the first time. The fight went exactly as planned for Samie. In the 2 minutes that the fight lasted, Samie showed dominance in the every aspect of the sport. He landed hard punches standing, slammed Ole twice, and wound up in mount twice, forcing Ole's corner to throw in the towel on the last occasion. Samie got his first taste of MMA and loved every second of his victory. As a 1-0 fighter, he's already looking to step back in the cage within the next few months and is already focusing on harder competition.     











Building off of Samie's victory, Johnny Torres stepped into the cage just two fights later. His opponent was Victor Johnson out of Combat Zone. Johnson, a veteran fighter with over 15 fights, proved to be a worthy opponent for Torres, in only his 5th fight. Johnny had no worries over Johnson's experience and knew that he would have the superior technique and conditioning. The fight had a little bit of everything in it. The fight saw the two trading blows, working for take downs, submission attempts (OMO!), and great scrambles. True to his name "Trigger Man", Johnny rocked Victor with some crisp counter striking as well as a beautiful head kick. Then in the middle of round number 3, Johnny further showed his dominance as he was able to get mount and at the 1:07 mark, forced the referee to stop the fight and declare Johnny winner by TKO. This has moved Johnny's record to 4-1 with 4 KO's/TKO's. Johnny is now focusing on getting some gold around his waist and will be ready when the call comes. CONGRATS JOHNNY AND SAMIE! TWO DOMINANT FIGHTS, PAC STYLE!

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