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Beloit, Wi- Thumper's Fight Club 3 results from Fight For A Cure, held at The National Martial Arts Academy. This card was packed with Pankration bouts with a little Muay Thai mixed in. Special thanks to Mike Whelpley for the results!!!


Exhibition Bouts

125 Muay Thai
Vameron "Killa Cam" Monyelle (National/Team Thump)vs Keo Khoumanyc (Adrian Serrano MMA)

125 Muay Thai
Jesus Luna (National/Team Thump) vs Edwin (National/Team Thump)

Exhibition Pankration
Ansley Burnett (National/Team Thump) vs Martha Guzman (National/Team Thump)

Exhibition Pankration 90 lbs
Marshall Getchell (Fearless MMA) vs Freddie Perez (Waukesha MMA)

Pankration 145 lbs
Devon Selts (Sharkbite MMA) def Rameses Huerta (Shocker MMA) via KO (slam) Round 1

Pankration 145 lbs
Abraham Luna (National/Team Thump) def Blake Robinson (Shocker MMA) via rear naked choke 1:32 Rnd 2

Pankration 170 lbs
Anthony Areneales (Team Thump) def Zack Quick (Shocker MMA) via triangle 2:47 Round 2

Pankration 90 lbs
Kendall Van-Kick (Fearless MMA) def Antoinsha "Nasba" Smith via armbar Round 1

Pankration 125 lbs
Britney Updike (Sharkbite MMA) def Shayna Wells (National/Team Thump) via unanimous decision

Pankration 155 lbs
Dylan Peters (Delcon MMA) def Devin Smith (National/Team Thump) via unanimous decision

Pankration 155 lbs
Cory Villareal (National/Team Thump) def Dalton Box (Sharkbite MMA) via rear naked choke 1:09 Round 3

Muay Thai 210 lbs
Mike Priest (Waukesha MMA) def Steve "Scotty" Norval (National/Team Thump) via split decision

Pankration International Rules (leg kicks) 135 lbs
Dakota Hower (Waukesha MMA) def German Ramos via guillotine 1:38 Round 1

Pankration 205 lbs
Matt Uzig (National/Team Thump) def Ethan Voights (Sharkbite MMA) via TKO (strikes) 1:26 Round 2

Muay Thai Super Heavyweight
Matt Hamlin (Shocker MMA) def Marcus Owens (DSW_ via unanimous decision

Main Event
Pankration International Rules (leg kicks) 155 lbs
Gustavo Rodriguez (Delarosa's SW) def Bill "The Shark" Finn (Sharkbite MMA) via unanimous decision



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