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Cutthroat MMA's Naperville Fight Night 3 Results 11-19-10

An estimated 1000 people packed the Holiday Inn Select in Naperville last night. Everyone was anticipating the 145 lb. Cutthroat MMA Championship match between challenger, Nick Flemm and champion Mike Sands from Indiana. Even Mark Coleman and Wes Sims were on hand to watch the match. The majority of the crowd seemed to be rooting for Flemm with their chants of Kamp Karp. The Olympian Center’s Flemm came to the cage with bagpipe music as the crowd went insane cheering for the challenger. The fight started with both fighters cautiously sizing each other up not wanting to make the first mistake. Sands was able to quickly shoot in and take down Flemm with Flemm returning to his feet only to be taken down again with Sands gaining side control attempting a knee.


Sands worked his way into a Darce choke with referee Carlos Diaz stopping the contest. The crowd was irate at what they thought was a quick stoppage, Flemm rose to his feet and seemed shocked at the call stating that he was alright and not in danger. That’s when the crowd turned a little unruly and began chanting irrelevant vulgarities and with some even throwing things in the cage. Order was maintained and when Flemm was interviewed by Ray Flores he asked for an immediate rematch. We will have to wait on a decision from Mike Davis to find out what comes next for both fighters.

The first two matches of the night were Modified MMA rules which consist of a round of striking and the second round grappling with no gloves. The first contest featured Alfie Guitterez and Brett Wainright with the second exhibition match between Casey Bailey and Chris Guitterez. All four fighters put on a good show opening up the night for the MMA action.

The Olympian Centers Dustin Stussie faced off with Team Immortals Mike Demakes in an exciting contest with Stussie taking the first round with good striking. The second round was very close with both fighter landing strikes. The third started with Stussie once again being aggressive and shot in for a takedown which was stuffed by Demakes who countered with a right hand which sent Stussie off balance across the stage while trying to regain his footing. Demakes took full advantage attacking Stussie as he fell to the ground and finished his opponent with strikes early in the 3rd.

Stefan Von Aulock and Mike Donavan were next as Donovan started off attacking Von Aulock trying to close the distance shooting in and barely escaping a guillotine. With both fighters getting back to their feet, Donovan closed the distance again. Going to the ground Von Aulock was able to take Donovan’s back and ended the match with strikes at 2:04 in the first round.

Bobby Andrews defeated John Huttner in the first round by rear naked choke in just 53 seconds.

Tim Savenok used take downs to neutralize the striking of Jacob Brewick and controlled all three rounds receiving a unanimous decision victory.

Como Negrete started the match up shooting in with a takedown on AJ Masters and getting stuck in a guillotine choke. Working his way to his side Negrete was able to avoid the submission and working some ground and pound. As Masters tried to get to his feet, Negrete locked in his own guillotine choke, pulling guard to stop Masters at 1:43 in round 1.

My favorite fight of the night between Ottawa MMA’s Tyler Steel and Full Mount MMA’s debut of Brian Gomez. These two 170 lb. combatants battled for 3 rounds in a stand up war. The fighters exchanged leg kicks and combinations throughout the contest. Gomez was the more aggressive fighter with Steel e doing a good job of keeping his distance against the longer reach of Gomez with good foot movement and counter punching. Tyler Steele came out on top with a split decision victory. Great heart and determination showed by both fighters.

Brandon Vander Meersch defeated Justin Ochoa with a take down and getting a tap out when Ochoa tapped at 2:45 in the first round.

In a fast paced match up Mike Kissante defeated Jerald Williams. Williams started off strong taking down Kissante. Kissante quickly kicked his opponent off and quickly rising to his feet. After another takedown by Williams Kissante once again made it to his feet and retaliating with strikes. Kissante took down Williams and while Williams trying to regain his footing was caught in a guillotine choke tapping out at 2:03 in the first round.

Carlson Gracie’s Sam Ferguson was victorious in his debut over Coalition MMA’s Brandon Connors winning at 2:07 in the first round by referee stoppage due to strikes.

I had the opportunity to speak with Wes Sims and asked him of his upcoming plans. He stated he was going to continue to train but if offered any opportunity in UFC, he would like to face Frank Mir. Sims claimed to have already defeated Mir twice. Sims added that this was his version of the truth and I should research on my own just in case. Sims commented that he enjoys the Cutthroat fights and Mike Davis puts on a hell of a show and that is one thing that I can finally agree with Mr. Sims about. In case you were unable to attend hopefully you had an opportunity to watch the event streamed live with Coleman and Sims providing some entertaining commentary. The next events for Cutthroat MMA will be held in OakBrook on January 7th, get your tickets now.


Mike Demakes def Dustin Stusse by ref. stoppage due to dtrikes Round 3

Stefan Von Aulock def. Mike Donovan by ref. stoppage due to strikes 2:04 Round 1

Bobby Andrews def. John Huttner by rear naked choke 53 sec Round 1

Tim Savanok def. Jacob Brewick by unan. decision

Como Negrete def. AJ Masters by guillotine choke 1:43 Round 1

Tyler Steele def. Brian Gomez by split decision 29-28,28-29,29-28

Brandon Vander Meersch def. Justin Ochoa by tap out to due strikes 2:45 Round 1

Mike Kissante def. Jerald Williams by guillotine choke 2:03 Round 1

Sam Ferguson def. Brandon Connors by ref. stoppage due to strikes 2:08 Round 1

145 lb Title Match

Mike Sands def. Nick Flemm by Darce choke 2:08 Round 1

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