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Babes and Brawls 8 Results

news-pic-dannyIn the Main Event, crowd favorite Danny "The Machine" Morales, was victorious in his first fight after sustaining a rib injury and looked solid in disposing of Eric Blake. Blake took the fight on short notice and managed to take Morales down early in the first round but it wasn't long after Morales swept his opponent and unloaded a barrage of strikes causing Jay Estrada to put a stop to the contest at 1:38 into the first round. After his victory, Morales sent a challenge to the current Cutthroat Champion Ryan Storey. Hopefully this matchup will happen and I feel the winner will most likely turning Pro after this fight,

Muay Thai sensation Mike Reid led off the card against Jerricho Helming in the only Muay Thai match of the night. Reid was impressive, landing numerous blows to his opponent including a lightning fast, spinning back fist that caught Helming squarely in the jaw that delighted the crowd. In the end Reid landed a devastating knee, to what appeared to be the liver of Helming sending him to the canvas. Helming was unable to recover as Reid gets another win; it's scary to think what Reid could do in MMA. He currently trains with Carlson Gracie and is in a great place to grow his ground game, if he so chooses. After the fight Reid stated that he would like to avenge some losses he currently has on his record before turning a professional Muay Thai Fighter.

The fight of the night goes to Dylan Kowalski and Greg Tigner. Tigner clearly had the edge in this fight, almost finishing it with Triangle chokes on several occasions. Tigner also landed some solid strikes from triangle position and was crisp on his feet.Tigner managed to daze and Kowalski on a couple of occasions, however the fight progressed into the third round. In the third, Tigner stunned his opponent with strikes and after missing on another triangle attempt secured the armbar causing the tapout 2:07 into the round.

Team Genesis/Said and Done fighter Eric Papineau made his Cutthroat debut in the Lightweight division and he made his presence felt by defeating #10 ranked Victor Rodriguez. Papineau started the fight off with some jabs and after the distance was closed, he pulled guard on Rodriguez. Papineau reversed his position by sweeping Rodriguez and began to soften him up with punches. Papineau took control of Rodriguez back and sunk in the rear naked choke for his first Cutthroat victory.

Gilbert Grappling's Ka-lee Howell was dominant in her bout after finally getting an opponent to enter the cage to fight her. Howell showed superior striking coming out swinging and dominating Crystal Helderman in just 47 seconds. Howell is definitely causing some excitement in the womens division and has a bright future ahead of her,

Cutthroat Tony returned to the cage after his defeat to Jeff Burdof and got the victory over Larry Hayden. Tony caught Hayden in what appeared to be a neck crank from my angle causing the tapout 1 minute into the contest. Whats next for Cutthroat Tony?

Muay Thai

Mike Reid def. Jerricho Helming via TKO (knee to liver) 1:30 Round 1


Greg Tigner def. Dylan Kowalski via submission (armbar) 2:07 Round 3

Mike Kubas def. Mike Dombrowki via submission (guillotine choke) Round 1

Eric Papineau def. Victor Rodriguez via submission (rear naked choke) 2:41 Round 1

Jose Rodriguez def. Chuck Giles via TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) 0:37 Round 1

Cutthroat Tony Bilus def. Larry Hayden via submission (neck crank) 1:00 Round 1

Eric Siciliano def. Brian Titus via TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) 0:32 Round 1

Ben Carlson def. Tim Brady via submission (rear naked choke) 0:34 Round 1

Ka-lee Howell def. Crystal Helderman via TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) 0:47 Round 1

Matt Hemry def. Zack Benkert via TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) 1:47 Round 2

Kyle Symes def. Calvin Cleveland via TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) 2:38 Round 1

Main Event

Danny Morales def. Eric Blake via TKO (referee stoppage due to strikes) 1:38 Round 1

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