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Rumble on the River November 26, 2011

2011-11-26_23-15-16_365_croppedThe Rumble on the River had a packed house last night at Cliffbreakers Resort, in Rockford, Il. There were 31 fights scheduled for the night, that's correct 31 fights! With 31 fights, most people may have expected to depart at 3 in the morning, but they may have not been familiar with Clay Goodman's shows. Clay Goodman ran the show perfectly, staging one fight after the next, keeping the fans on the edge of the seat with all the exciting action!  Also on the card, four new Kage Concepts champions would be crowned this evening.

The first title fight on the card was for the Lightweight Championship between Tom Butler (True Believers MMA in Mattoon, IL) and Nick Helm (Delarosa Submission Wrestling in Rockford,IL). Helm entered the cage with an unblemished 4-0 record and was the local fan favorite in this contest against the 4-3 Butler. The first round was very close with both fighters getting dropped early in the contest but Helm getting the mount and ended the first standing over his opponent delivering leg kicks. In the second round Butler was taken down by Helm but was able to reverse the position and sink in a body triangle with his legs that made it difficult for Helm to mount any type of escape or reversal. Butler remained patient and secured the rear naked choke and in doing so, becomes the new Kage Concepts Lightweight Champion.

The next title on the line was in the welterweight division and pitted Team Green's Chris Zanoni against Freeport, Il fighter Dilon Berg. Zanoni scored the early takedown and avoided the triangle attempt of Berg. Berg tried for the single leg takedown but left his neck exposed and Zanoni took full advantage of the situation, locking in a tight guillotine attempt and getting the submission victory at 2:01 in the first round. Zanoni was impressive with his quick title win and will be an exciting fighter to keep your eye on in the future.

The Kage Concepts Heavyweight championship was on the line with Wisconsin's Keith Matkin taking on Midwest Training Center's Nic Thompson. Thompson wasted no time clinching with his opponent and taking him to ground with a single leg take down. Thompson quickly took Matkin's back. Not long after Thompson was the new Kage Concepts Champion winning by rear naked choke.

The last match of the night was for the Featherweight Championship between local fighter Mike Turnmire of Loves Park taking on Kentucky's Austin Combs. Combs attempted a kick which was caught by Turnmire who tripped Combs sending him to the mat. Turnmire jumped on top of Combs landing in full guard. Combs was active from the bottom maneuvering for a knee bar but that just left his face open for Turnmire to unleash some punishment. Combs continued to fight well from the bottom working for an inverted triangle attempt as the bell rang completing round 1.

Turnmire started the second attempting a single leg take down but was caught in an anaconda choke by Combs. Combs tried to finish his opponent but Turnmire was able to escape. Combs returned to his feet but not for long as Turnmire locked in the armbar at 1:29 to earn the Kage Concepts Featherweight Championship.

Prior to the start of the title fights Clay Goodman handed out very cool looking etched glass awards for the following.

The fight of the night went to Hunter Sellers and Tony Cano. The two pre 18 years old fighters went right after each other in a slugfest. Cano was the quicker and more technical striker but it was the tenacity and never say die attitude of Sellers that amazed the crowd. Sellers kept trying to close the distance and land the big shot against Cano, who had the height and reach advantage. Every time Sellers came in, Cano made him pay with strikes and used superior footwork to maintain distance from Sellers. The fight was stopped in the second round but not because Sellers quit, he just absorbed to much damage in the fight and at the young age of the fighters, it was the proper call. Great fight by both young fighters and they show great promise as they grow in the sport of MMA.

The KO of the night went to Jon Moore with his utter destruction of Mike Mahurin. Moore attacked his opponent with a vicious onslaught of punches that hurt Mahurin causing referee Al Wickers to halt the contest just FIVE seconds into the fight. As soon as the fight was stopped, a nasty gash around the left eye of Mahurin opened up. The cut definitely could of used some handy stitch work. Wow, what a performance by Moore in his MMA debut!

The submission of the night goes to Otis Brumfield for his guillotine that put James Moterhead asleep. Moterhead attempted a takedown leaving his neck exposed and Brumfield took full advantage winning the match just 51 seconds into the fight.

One fight that caused some controversy and some dismay from the crowd was the fight between Zack Davis and Kevin Switella. The taller Davis used his reach advantage to avoid the powerful Switella. Davis mixed up his striking with combinations and was forcing Switella to fight from the outside. Davis was delivering multiple leg kicks throughout the contest but caught Switella with a low blow in the first round that clearly was illegal. Once again a low blow in the second round caused referee Al Wickers to deduct a point from Davis, who seemed to be winning the contest. Finally in the third round another leg kick by Davis was called a low blow once again. Wickers disqualified Davis which caused some rumbling from the crowd.  The kick didn't appear to be illegal and after viewing a photo by the Chi-TownMMAniacs photographer Tony Cruz, it was confirmed that it was a legal kick. A disappointing ending to a good fight, but these things happen in the fast paced sport of MMA.

A great night of MMA action and I can't comment more on how smooth everything ran, with only two short intermissions the fans never had to wait long for the next fight to start.  I look forward to returning to their show on April 21st where I'm sure Clay has some more great matches for our enjoyment.

Preliminary Card

Dustin Kluck def Uriel Perez via unan. dec. Kickboxing

JP Rogers def Tony Leitzen via unan. dec. Kickboxing

Kelly Jordan def Joel Brantner via TKO (strikes) :24 Round 1

Justin Scott def Austin Allen via submission (rear naked choke) :45 Round 1

Jesse Herold def Jarrad Graham via submission (guillotine) 2:04 Round 1

Hassan Dissi def Jonathan Stephens via unanimous decision

Kevin Switella def Zack Davis (Davis dq'd for repeated low blows)

Mike Anthony def Dylan Roed via KO :49 Round 1

Juan Miguel def Brandon Roberge via submission (rear naked choke) 1:01 Round 1

Main Card

Jose Ruiz def Rich Ballard via TKO (strikes) 2:51 Round 1

Tony Cano def Hunter Sellers via TKO (strikes) 1:59 Round 2

Chad Mashinter def Corey Williams via submission (armbar) 2:33 Round 2

Heath Hildebrand def Tim Burton via submission (rear naked choke) 1:11 Round 2

Petar Toney def Sean Messerli via submission (rear naked choke) 1:20 Round 1

Anna Moore def Tammy Luany via KO :55 Round 2

Brandon Andriola def James Anderson via TKO (strikes) 1:47 Round 2

Sam Horowitz def Jerome Lanagan via submission (triangle) Round 2

Kyle Collalti def Larry Bonds via submission (guillotine)Round 2

John Manos def Marcus WIlliams via TKO (Williams unable to start Rnd 3) foot leg injury

Damian Norris def Carlos Guzman via unanimous decision

Jason Martin def Willy Ishman via TKO (strikes) :51 Round 1

Darren Finley def Scott Dash via submission (armbar) 1:35 Round 1

Otis Brumfield def James Moterhead via submission (guillotine) :51 Round 1

Jon Moore def Mike Mahurin via TKO :05 Round 1

Kris Kuehn def Gerald Wright via submission (Kimura) 2:14 Round 1

Alyssa Vasquez def Scottie Fortner via TKO 2:01 Round 1

Josh Labree def Scott Dees via TKO (strikes) :39 Round 2

Kage Concepts Lightweight Championship

Tom Butler def Nick Helm via submission (rear naked choke) 2:42 Round 2

Welterweight Championship

Chris Zanoni def Dilon Berg via submission (guillotine) 2:01 Round 1

Heavyweight Championship

Nic Thompson def Keith Matkin via submission (rear naked choke) Round 1

Featherweight Championship

Mike Turnmire def Austin Combs via submission (armbar) 1:29 Round 2

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