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FCE 42: Final Conflict Results

FCE_MOJOs_Final_ConflictSaturday, December 17 at MoJoe’s in Joliet, Il.  FCE 42: Final Conflict


It was a night full of action with 11 amateur fights on the fight card. That had a 5 fight battle between Teama 110 and Team No Comment, having the best 3 out of 5 winning the trophy.

The night of fights that had flying knee knockout to spinning punches and kicks. But with all the excitement that comes with the sport off mma fighters take the chance of getting hurt. During the Jeff Dunbar and Rudy Behena that chance becomes reality for Jeff Dunbar. Behena was able to take Dunbar back and able to sink in a rear naked choke. Dunbar tries to slam Behena and his back to try to make him let go. On the fall Dunbar appeared to land awkwardly on his neck and going out cold. As the ref stops the fight and Behena gets up to celebrate Dunbar laid motionless. The fighter had to be carried off on  a backboard. At first it didn’t look like it was serious but later we found out that the fighter will be having surgery. As we find on more we will post more. So please keep Jeff Dunbar and his family in your prayers.

The night’s main event was for the 155# belt between Hector Mercado against Jason Todd.  In the first round both fighters has able to slam their opponents. With Mercado trying for a knee bar at the end of the round and taking flush punches to his face by Todd. As the 2nd round started Mercado quickly tried for a takedown. Todd grabbed a guillotine choke but he was unable to lock it in. With Mercado on top he was able to get to a mount position. Shortly after Todd turned and gave up his back. Mercado was able to lock in a rear naked choke. After some rolling around Todd was to the point of passing out so he tapped out.


The knock out of the night goes to Tony Ortiz versus Julian Collins.   In the second round   after a short exchange Ortiz was able to land a flying knee to the chin of Collins knocking him out.


The Team Challenge was between Team 110 and Team No Comment. With the first fight being Between team 110 Arron Pineada vs. Chris Johnson of team No Comment.  Pineada winning by RNC 1:46 in the 2nd round.

Fight 2 also went to Team 110 with Tony Ortiz knocking out Julian Collins with a flying knee at 1:38 in the 2nd round

With Team 110 being up 2-0 the 3rd fight went to Team No Comment’s Darrel Edmonson getting TKO win over Franco Martinez. The fight was called after Martinez was unable to answer to the bell for the beginning of the 3rd round.

At 2-1 with Team 110 still in the lead the next fight was between Rudy Behena vs. Jeff Dunbar. Behena was able to lock in the RNC at :31 in the 1st round. Giving the win and 3-1 lead to Team 110.

With the 5th and final fight going to John Passarella over Ivan Garcia by via split decision.

Giving the end result of a 3-2 fight total for the winning side of Team 110.


Raphael Rayes over James Karns via. RNC 1:47 round 1

Trevor Rose over Cristhian Sanchez via split decision 29-28 28-29- 30-27

Jacob Rose over Dontrell Parnell via guillotine :43 round 2

James Camisa over Christian Lucero via decision 30-27 30-27 30-27

Garret Washington over DJ Mobley via TKO :48 round 2

Arron Pineada over Chris Johnson via RNC 1:46 round 2

Tony Ortiz over Julian Collins via KO 1:38 round 2

Darrel Edmonson over Franco Martinez via TKO not able to answer to the 3rd round bell

Rudy Behena over Jeff Dunbar via RNC :31 round 1

John Passarella over Ivan Garcia via split decision 29-28 28-29 29-28

155# title fight


Hector Mercado over Jason Todd via RNC 2:47 round 2  

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