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Chaos in the Cage Results 1-14-11

KaosChaos in the Cage was held at Adrianna's Banquet Hall in Markham, IL on Saturday night. Ten fights weres scheduled for the nights action, with five of those being for vacant championships. The first title on the line for the evening was in the heavyweight division with Top Notch's Garrett Washington facing Melvin Sidney. Washington used an early takedown and moved to mount Sidney, after dropping several punches Sidney turned to his back to try and get up and Washinton sunk in a rear naked choke getting the first title belt of the night, in 55 seconds of the first round.

The middleweight title was next on the card pitting Top Notch's Pedro Muniz squaring off with Avi Colon, from Wisconsin. Muniz was dominant on his feet peppering Colon with leg kicks early in the contest and procceded to attack with front kicks that kept Colon off balance. Muniz mixed up his strikes beautifully confusing Colon and Muniz then delivered a devastaing leg kick that visibly hurt Colon. As Muniz rushed in to deliver more striks to his opponent, referee Winston Matthews stopped the contest at 1:19 in the first round. A nice display of striking by Muniz!

Andrew West was up next to challenge Quadrae Little for the light heavyweight championship. Little opened up with a big slam on West but was unable to do any damage before West made it back to his feet. Little, once again was on top, as the two fighters went to the canvas after clinching. Little moved to mount West and did some damage before eventually being reversed where West  landed a few punches of his own. Little makes it back to his feet and unloads with a barrage of punches forcing West to retreat to the cage. Little continued to throw punches landing several flush punches and West once again was forced to retreat and regroup. Little maintained the pressure landing more punches but the tough West wouldn't go down. West defended a takedown attempt which left him on top of his opponent where he delivered a flurry of punches as the round ended. An exciting first round where both fighters absorbed some damage but wouldn't quit. West would get the advantage in the second round where he continued to do damage forcing referee Winston Matthews to stop the ccontest. Arch Angels fighter Andrew West is the new Light Heavyweight Champion.

The welterweight title pitted Mike Bell against Otis Brumfield. Brumfield had the quickest finish of the night, the two fighters went for leg kicks and Brumfield pushed forward causing the off balance Bell to the canvas. Brumfield dropped a few punches and Matthews jumped in to stop the action. A great performance by Brumfield but this one may have ended prematurely. Bell wasn't hurt at all as he quickly rose to his feet. Matthews explained to Bell that he stopped the contest which left Bell confused and unhappy with the early stoppage. Otis Brumfield is your new 170 pound champion!

The last title on the line tonight was for the lightweight championship. Team No Comment's James Yarbrough challenging Top Notch newcomer Anthony Moore.. The two fighters clashed quickly and moved to the wall of the cage where Yarbrough had the advantage delivering multiple knees to his opponent. As Moore went for a leg trip, Yarbrough took the off balane fighter to the canvas but Moore made it right back to his feet. The fighters battled for position against the cage and Moore manuvered behind Yarbrough. Moore jumped up on the back of his opponent to sink in the choke. Yarbrough walked with his opponent on his back to his corner where Moore pulled him backwards to the canvas and was able to finish the choke at 1:49 in the first round.

The knock out of the night goes to No Comment's Chris Johnson with a big right hand that finished the night of Josh Lewis. A good win for the young Johnson will help build the fighters confidence as he continues to enhance his game.

The submission of the night goes to Ezye Keio Sidney with his north south choke over Brandon Connor.

The fight of the night will go to Andrew West and Quadrae Little. The fight may have not been the longest of the evening but it was filled with back and forth action. It appeared that at any moment either fighter could of finished the fight. This was a crowd favorite as the two fighters put on quite a show for the fans.

Mac Ramos and Team Top Notch had a impressive showing capturing three titles on the evening. Check back for the next event by Lion Kings Entertainment.


135 Chris Johnson def Josh Lewis via KO 1:30 Round 3
145 Tyree Nettles def Justin Sestle via TKO (ref stoppage) 1:35 Round 1
185 Gerald Wright def Travis Simpson via TKO (strikes) :10 Round 1
185 Anthony Corder def Anthony Milton via verbal submission round 1 (after the round ended)

265 Heavyweight Championship
Garrett Washington def Melvin Sidney via submission (rear naked choke) :55 Round 1

205 Ezyekeio Sidney def Brandon Connor via submission (north south choke) :55 Round 1

185 Middleweight Championship

Pedro Muniz def Avi Colon via TKO (strikes) 1:19 Round 1

205 Light Heavyweight Championship
Andrew West def Quadrae Little via TKO (strikes) 2:37 Round 2

170 Welterweight Championship
Otis Brumfield def Mike Bell via TKO (strikes) :09 Round 1

155 Lightweight Championship
Anthony Moore def James Yarbrough via submission (rear naked choke) 1:49 Round 1






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