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Chase Beeebe defeats David Love at Colosseum XX

DSC_6372Colosseum Combat XX was held last night at the Ivy Tech Event Center, in Kokomo, Indiana. A huge crowd was on hand to watch eleven exciting fights, five of them being professional bouts. The Kokomo Event Center was a spacious venue with good food and an variety of vendor booths with supplements, t-shirts and More! Anyone wanting to see a high quality smooth running show, get your tickets for their next event in May!

The main event for the evening was between David Love and Chase Beebe. Beebe was able to close the distance and clinch with his opponent forcing Love against the cage. Beebe softened up his opponent with knees to the body before tripping him and pushing him down to the canvas. Love attempted several submission attempts from the bottom but Beebe was just to dominant controlling the top position. Beebe maneuvered to Love's back and it was just a matter of time until Beebe sunk in the rear naked choke to get the victory. Colosseum promoter, Mark Slater, looks to match Beebe up with Dustin "The Beast" Neace in May.

The co-main event pitted Roberto Nieto and Jamey Scruggs. Scruggs would have a sizable reach advantage in this contest. Nieto used takedowns in the first and third round and controlled the action on the ground. Scruggs kept busy trying to work for submissions but Nieto was too strong on top. Nieto kept busy, advancing his position to side control, and taking Scruggs back on a couple of occasions. Nieto was awarded the unanimous decision victory in a hard fought battle between these well matched competitors.

Continue reading for a breakdown of the pro fights or continue to the bottom for the quick results.

1. Evan DeLong vs Dan Head
Dan Head controlled the first half of the round maintaining the top position on De Long but was unable to inflict much damage. DeLong rose to his feet and Head maneuvered to take his back but didn't have his hooks in and DeLong was able to get Head off balance and reversed the position. DeLong worked his ground and pound in the last minute of the round which allowed him to steal the round.

Round 2
The second round belonged to DeLong, except for a brief moment,when it appeared that Head would lock in the armbar, but DeLong was able to avoid the submission attempt. The rest of the round was all DeLong using takedowns and ground and pound. DeLong landed some nice elbows from the guard of Dan Head which ensured him the round.

Round 3
DeLong was the fresher fighter in the third round and seemed to get stronger while Head seemed to slow down a bit. DeLong landed a nice front kick to the face that caught the attention of Head. Head would get a takedown on DeLong, but was reversed and then was on the receiving end of more ground and pound. Evan DeLong wins by unanimous decision.



2. Casey Craft vs Henry Goonen
Craft opened with an early single leg take down on Goonen. Goonen does well to keep active trying to work a high guard and avoiding any damage from Craft. As a brief lull in the action ensues the fighters are stood back up. Goonen lands a leg kick and catches Craft as he comes in with a nice right but Craft grabs Goonen and the fighters go back to the ground. Goonen does well from the bottom controlling the head of Craft. Craft eventually works free and lands a nice elbow and takes the round.
Round 2
The two fighters circle and Craft lands a leg kick and Goonen returns with one of his own. craft shoots in for the takedown and lands in Goonen's guard. Craft works some punches but is unable to cause any major damage and Goonen once again limits the punishment from the bottom position until the referee stands the fighters up when the action is stalled. Craft moves in with a leg kick and takes Goonen back to the mat. Craft traps Goonen's left arm behind his back, leaving no way to defend himself and goes to work with the right hand. Craft lands high wicked hammer fists to the face of Goonen, who is clearly hurt. The referee stops the contest at 3:41 in the second round.


3. Tyson Triplett vs Mike Eikenberry

Inside leg kick from Triplett finds its mark. Eikenberry misses with a superman punch. Fighters circle and Triplett lands a nice leg kick. Eikenberry throws a right and Triplett ducks under and works for the single leg takedown. Eikenberry defends nicely and they separate. A wide right hook by Triplett drops Eikenberry, who quickly gets back to his feet. Both fighters go for leg kicks but Triplett lands first knocking Eikenberry off his feet. Triplett standing over his opponent misses with a big axe kick. He lets Eikenberry back up and as Eikenberry tries to land a wild right, Triplett ducked in picked up Eikenberry and just dropped him to the canvas as he backed away letting him to his feet once again. Couple leg kicks and a nice left from hand Triplett lands. Triplett lands more leg kicks keeping Eikenberry at a distance. Eikenberry moves in throwing punches and pushes Triplett to the fence. Triplett reverses and brings him down with an inside leg trip. Triplett starts to drop punches and hammer fists as Eikenberry rolls over and gives up his back. Triplett doesn't want it and is content to drop punches getting the TKO victory at 4:23 in the first round.


4.Roberto Nieto  vs Jamey Scruggs

Round 1
Right hand by Scruggs lands but Nieto quickly takes back the center of the cage and pushes the action. Both fighters attempt to land punches and clinch. Nieto separates and throws a couple punches as Scruggs covers up. Nieto backs away but they soon are in the clinch again with Nieto pushing Scruggs against the cage and landed some knees to the body. Scruggs moves in to throw but Nieto avoids the punch and gets a single leg take down. Nieto passes to side control and moves for a North South choke but abandons it and moves back to side control. Nieto lands a couple punches and Scruggs turns to get up and Nieto takes his back, gets his hooks in and pulls Scruggs backwards but he runs out of time as the round ends.

Round 2
Fighter clinch as Scruggs wants to get close and throws some punches and a knee that Nieto was able to spin away moving back to the center of the cage. Shoot by Nieto stuffed by the sprawl of Scruggs. The two fighters battled on their feet for the rest of the round with both throwing punches but not much landing.

Round 3
Quick takedown by Nieto, lands in half guard and passes quickly to side control. Scruggs gets to his feet and pulls guard with a guillotine choke. Scruggs squeezes trying to get Nieto to tap but he escapes and works the body with punches. Nieto takes the back of Scruggs and lands right hands and tries to get the choke but Scruggs turns and avoided the choke. Nieto moved to the side and lands a barrage of knees to thigh of Scruggs. Nieto stays busy working keeping the fight on the ground. Scruggs makes his way back to his feet but it was short lived as Nieto took him back down to the mat. He passed from side to mount Scruggs and lands a few rights as the bell sounds. Roberto Nieto defeated Jamey Scruggs via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


5. Main Event David Love vs Chase Beebe

Fighters touch gloves and separate, Beebe attempts a left head kick that Love avoids. Right leg kick by Love lands, Beebe pushes Love to the cage and starts working knees to the body. Love finally spins away from the cage and returns to the center. Love lands a jab, Beebe returns with a combo but misses. Another clinch with Beebe pushing Love back to the fence. Beebe with his under hooks in Pulls Love towards him to shift his momentum and swiftly pushes Love to the mat with a nice inside leg trip. Love threatens with an armbar but Beebe won't have any of it. Beebe takes Loves back and locks in the body lock and drops punches until Love gives up his neck. Beebe sinks in the choke and gets the win at 3:02.


Amateur Card
Johnte Potts def Jonathan Bandy via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Brandon Clawson def William Cottrell via submission (rear naked choke) 2:14 Round 2
Adam Gonzales def Christopher Jewell via submission (armbar) :15 Round 1
Gary Widget def Jordan Crider via submission (rear naked choke) 1:48 Round 1
Patrick Ruby def JD McCain via submission (triangle) 2:37 Round 1
Jacob Hurlock def Gabriel Randolph via submission (triangle) 2:01 Round 1

Pro Card
Evan DeLong def Daniel Head via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Casey Craft def Henry Goonen via TKO (strikes) 3:41 Round 2
Tyson Triplett def Mike Eikenberry via TKO (strikes) 4:23 Round 1

Co Main Event
Roberto Nieto def Jamey Scruggs via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Main Event
Chase Beebe def Davis Love via submission (rear naked choke) 3:02 Round 1

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