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Cutthroat at the Congress Theater Results

 Mike_ReidCutthroat Invasion, was held at the Congress Theater, on Friday night. It was an amazing venue that was built in 1926, has played host to numerous concerts and events. With such a historical venue, it was a perfect place to make more history, the opening round of the Cutthroat Bantamweight Tournament. The title was vacated by Jake Nauracy, who recently was victorious in his professional debut, for Bellator Fights. Jerald Williams and Manny Camacho both advanced in the tournament and will wait on the results of the other two quarterfinal bouts. They will be held on March 23rd, at 115 Bourbon Street, in Merionette Park, IL.

 The main event showcased Muay Thai phenomenon Mike Reid, who was getting a chance at redemption. Reid would be facing Andrew Ballenger, the last man to beat him.  Reid got stronger as the fight went on,  used his strength and multi faceted striking arsenal to pick apart Ballenger. If you have ever seen Mike Reid fight, then you also know there were a barrage of spinning back fists that were thrown as well. Reid worked the body with devastating knees and punches that sent Ballenger down several times in the fight. The punishment inflicted by Reid took a toll on Ballenger, who appeared that he may not make it back up, at the end of the second round. Ballenger has the heart of a champion and made his way to his corner to get ready for the third round. Reid smelled that the end of the fight was near and started the third by going right back to the body. After landing two knees to the body, Reid delivered a left kick to the head of Ballenger. Reid followed with a big right hand that sent Ballenger to the canvas for the final time and Reid avenged his prior defeat. Can anyone stop the 18 year old Reid and how scary is it to think what he may be capable of in the future?


In the opening fight on the card, Team No Comment's Darrel "Little Rampage" Edmondson defeated Emerald Smoke's Chris Bergeron in a 3 round war. Edmondson repeatedly took advantage of Bergeron throwing predictable kicks, Edmondson would catch the kick and follow up with a big punch. Bergeron was cut in the first round but was determined to keep pressing forward, catching Edmondson several times throughout the bout. It was a brawl that had the crowd going insane, cheering on the competitors. Edmondson advanced to 5-2 and is looking to make an impact at 155 pounds. What a way to start the night!



In other notable action.

Team Carlson Gracie/Team Colon's Audrey Pang was victorious in her return to the cage over Faith Profit. Profit looked sharp early, catching Pang a couple of times. Pang moved in and took Profit to the mat ending in side control. Pang moved to mount and unleashed a fury of punches on Profit as Pang's large fan base went crazy cheering with approval and chants of "Audrey- Audrey."


Gilbert Grappling's Brea Gilbert was victorious in her MMA debut over Michelle Profit. Profit decided she had enough punches from Gilbert and verbally submitted with her opponent over 10 feet away. G2's Matt Giancarlo took a little over a minute and a half to dispose of Jason Crose.














La Boxing's Billy Jessie took only 32 seconds to dispatch of Mike Zahn. Zahn didn't want any part of the striking  of Billy Jessie and repeatedly turned his head away from his opponent. After the victory, Jessie was visibly upset at the quick ending and could be heard yelling for tougher competition 


Continue reading for a breakdown of the Bantamweight Quarterfinal Bouts or scroll to the bottom for the quick results.

The first quarterfinal match was between Team No Ego's Jerald Williams and Sean Gee of the Glen Hudson Academy.

Round 1
The first round saw Williams control the majority of the first round with a takedown on Gee. Williams maintained position but was unable to do any significant damage in the first round, which made it very difficult to score.

Round 2
Williams executed an early takedown on Gee, near the cage. Gee does a good job holding the head of Williams to limit any ground and pound by Williams. Gee finally worked his way to his feet after spending over 2 minutes on his back. Williams once again closes the distance and clinches with Gee. Gee lands a nicely placed knee to the midsection of Williams, which sent him to the floor. Gee drops an axe kick to the body, as he hovers over Williams. Gee lets Williams back up and its Gee, who lands a takedown just before the round ends. Another tough round to score for the judges.

Round 3
The two fighters clinch again to start the third and Gee lands a couple of uppercuts. Gee lands a knee and attempts another as the fighters circle for position, however Gee catches Williams with a low knee and he drops to the canvas. Williams gets a brief rest from referee Carlos Diaz, and is able to continue. Gee avoids a single leg takedown by Williams, but Williams is persistent, and goes for it again taking Gee to the canvas. Williams isn't doing much damage, but he's staying busy enough to keep the position. Gee stands up and is quickly taken back down again. Gee has a guillotine attempt, but Williams is in side control. Gee's corner starts yelling to referee Diaz that Williams is tapping out, but the fight continues after Diaz checks on the action. Williams escapes and maintains side control, before getting Gee's back and working a rear naked choke, as the bell sounds ending the fight.
Gerald Williams defeats Sean Gee via split decision.



Manny Camacho vs Anthony Guerrero

Round 1

The two fighters meet in the center of the cage and begin to trade punches. Guerrero clinches and lands several knees pushing Camacho to the cage. They battle for position on the cage and Guerrero pushes Camacho away and attempts to trip him but Camacho ends up on top in a sprawl position. Camacho lands some rights to the body and Guerrero makes his way back to his feet. Camacho looks for a guillotine choke but Guerrero escapes. Camacho keeps Guerrero pressed against the cage as he works hard for a takedown. Guerrero does well to stay on his feet avoiding the takedown and referee Carlos Diaz has seen enough and restarts the action. Guerrero lands a heavy leg kick and closes the distance pushing Camacho against the cage. Guerrero delivers knees to the body before Camacho is able to push him away. Guerrero turns up the intensity and attacks with a head kick and a flurry of punches which forces Camacho to clinch as the bell sounds. the flurry at the end of the round may have been enough for Guerrero to take the round. Note (a point was taken from Guerrero for grabbing the shorts, he was warned prior to the deduction).

Round 2

Guerrero looks to strike throwing punches and Camacho returns with a right hand. Camacho with the takedown and quickly moves to mount. Camacho lands a couple of punches and appears to be looking for an arm triangle choke. Guerrero avoids the submission attempt and manages to work his way to his feet but Camacho maintains the top position and sinks in a guillotine choke.. Camacho locks it tight but as the fighters move to the ground, Guerrero avoids the choke. Camacho mounts Guerrero and starts dropping punches causing Guerro to give up his back.  Camacho looks for the rear naked choke, unable to secure the choke, Camacho starts dropping big left hands and controls the remainder of the round.

Round 3

The fighter circle and Guerrero lands a right hand. Guerrero presses Camacho to the cage looking for the takedown, knowing he has to finish the fight. Camacho looks for another guillotine but Guerrero spins his way out. Camacho moves Guerrero to the cage looking for a takedown, Camacho finally grabs the left leg of Guerrero and drops him to the canvas. Guerrero looking to control with the rubber guard, Camacho works his way out and remains on top of Guerrero. Guerrero starts punching from the bottom with a flurry as the bell ends the fight. The point deduction in the first round will come back to haunt him.

 Manny Camacho def Anthony Guerrero via majority decision in a great fight!


Quick Resuts

Darrell Edmondson def Chris Bergeron via unanimous decision
Andrew Potapenko def Bobby Kpa TKO Round 2
Justin Mora def TJ Whalen via unanimous decision
Matt Giancarlo def Jason Crose via submission (modified rear naked choke)  
1:44 Round 1
Brea Gilbert def Michelle Profit via submission (verbal submission strikes) 2:19 Round 1
Aaron Brooks def Zach Sesko via submission (armbar) 2:51 Round 3
Patrick Murphy def Aaron Hammons via TKO (strikes) 1:01 Round 1
Audrey Pang def Faith Profit via TKO (strikes) 1:12 Round 1
Bill Jessie def Mike Zahn via TKO (strikes) :32 Round 1

Bantamweight Quarterfinal
Jerald Winans def Sean Gee via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Manny Camacho def Anthony Guerrero via unanimous decision

Main Event Muay Thai
Mike Reid def Andrew Ballenger via TKO Round 3

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