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Team USA sweeps Ireland

174672_378882218796889_1646939795_nMMA Sport Federation's Team USA vs Ireland took place at the Kane County Fairgrounds, on St. Patrick's Day. Eleven amateur fights were scheduled for the evening, the last three pitting Team Usa vs Team Ireland. Team USA completed the clean sweep against the Irish in impressive fashion, which delighted the crowd. A bonus fight took place, and was one of the best fights of the night. Frank Sloan (17-2), was brought out to the cage for an announcement, to explain the difficulties in finding Sloan an opponent. The Combat-Do's Jose Mariscal heard the announcement in the back, and decided he would be happy to face Sloan. Mariscal was giving up some size, as he typically fights at a lower weight class. One of the reasons I love this sport is, just by looking at the size of the two competitors, you wouldn't have thought this fight would of made it out of the first round. The fans were treated with 3 rounds of exciting MMA action! Sloan defeated Mariscal by unanimous decision, but I think Mariscal may have picked up a building full of fans for taking the fight. I would like to commend Combat-Do and Jose Mariscal for stepping up, and taking a fight against a tough opponent!

Continue reading for a breakdown of the fights or scroll to the bottom for the quick results.

Fight 1. Corben Campuzano vs Chad Monyelle

Round 1

Monyelle throws a leg kick, Campuzano closes the distance and pushes him to the cage looking for a single leg takedown. Monyelle looks for a guillotine. Campuzano picks up his opponent with the single leg and slams Monyelle to the ground. Campuzano landed in the full guard of Monyelle but was able to work his was way free. Monyelle does well to control Campuzano from the bottom. Campuzano looks for an armbar and moves to a triangle, however his legs were not locked in tight. Campuzano does well to stack up Monyelle and slams him to the ground. Monyelle transitions nicely to the armbar but Campuzano picks him up and slams him again breaking free of the submission attempt. Campuzano lets Monyelle back to his feet. A left to the body by Monyelle finds its mark. The two fighters circle and Monyelle lands a leg kick near the end of the round.

Round 2

The two fighters circle again as Campuzano closes the distance and gets a big takedown on Monyelle, landing in half guard. Monyelle recovers full guard and Campuzano looks for a guillotine from the top position and sinks it in tight causing Monyelle to submit. A great opening fight to start the night,
Campuzano def Monyelle by guillotine choke, at the 40 second mark.


Fight 2. Denarius Mobley vs Alex Weller

Round 1

After a short feeling out period, Weller throws a leg kick which is caught by Mobley. Mobley takes him to the canvas. Weller is up quickly but Mobley takes his back. Weller attempts to turn and Mobley grabs a single leg and picks up Weller over his head and slams Weller to the floor. Mobley does well to avoid up kicks by Weller and then moves in for the kill. Mobley drops hammer fists and punches and mounts Weller. Mobley drops over 25 punches, Weller does well to block the majority of them but some big ones land, and the referee halts the contest.  
Denarius Mobley def Alex Weller via TKO (strikes) 1:33 Round 1


Fight 3. Scott Brantner vs Trevor Rose

Round 1

Double leg takedown by Brantner, Rose back to his feet. Brantner locks in the standing guillotine, pulls guard and gets the quick submission victory.

Brantner def Rose via guillotine choke at :26 Round 1


Fight 4. Peter Hinch vs Will Maisonet

Fighters exchange leg kicks, double leg takedown by Maisonet, ending in side control. Hinch recovers guard and is looking to set up a triangle. Maisonet postures and throws a few punches but backs away just enough to let hinch back up to his feet. Maisonet grabs the head looking to control Hinch but then lands another double leg takedown. Maisonet works from half guard and drops the forearm to the neck of Hinch, who then taps to the forearm choke.
Will Maisonet def Peter Hinch by forearm choke 1:36


Fight 5. Alonzo Fuller vs Jose Torres

Fuller has an eight inch height advantage on Torres. Fighters circling, Fuller being more aggressive attacks Torres by the cage. Fuller lands shots to the body and flurries but Torres does well to defend the head shots. Fighters clinch Fuller goes to the body and Torres counters with a knee. Leg kick by Torres, Torres lands a nice left and pushes Fuller to the cage. The fighters fight for position before Torres separates, Fuller charges throwing but not landing. Leg kick by Torres partially caught by Fuller. Torres off balance rolls away from his opponent. Fuller rushes in but Torres is up just in time to grab a double leg then using a outside leg trip to push Fuller backwards to the mat. Torres is in Fuller's half guard but postures up and lands some right hands. Torres moves his opponent over to his corner, throws a right and Fuller gives up his back. Torres works from the back but is a little high. Fuller makes his way to his feet but goes back down to the canvas.
Round 2
Two leg kicks by Torres and Fuller returns with one. Fuller throws a combination blocked by Torres. Fuller pushes forward landing as Torres backs away. Leg kick by Torres, fighters clinch. Fuller moves swiftly behind Torres but can't take him down. Torres escapes, leg kick by Fuller but Torres catches it and takes him down. Torres mounts and drops some leather on Fuller. Fuller gives up his back, Torres punches then looks for a choke. Fuller stands with Torres on his back, propels himself backwards dropping Torres to the mat. Torres holds the choke which is getting tighter. Fuller pulls off an arm and escapes the round, strong round for Torres.

Round 3
Fighter circling, Torres lands leg kick, Fuller presses forward throwing punches and lands a knee to the body. Fuller works dirty boxing with Torres against the cage, lands nice knees to the body of Torres. Fuller throws more punches, Torres covers up backs away. The two fighters exchange punches and both look strong in the third. Torres moves in throwing but Fuller grabs a single leg and takes him down. Fuller is unable to any significant damage and the decision is coming from the judges. Awesome fight!!
Jose Torres def Alonzo Fuller via unanimous decision, 29-28 across the board.


Fight 6. Chris Winter vs Jordan Cudewicz
Round 1
Fighters exchange punches trying to gauge each other's range. Cudewicz moves in to strike but leaves himself open for a Cudewicz takedown. Winter works to isolate the left arm of Cudewicz from side control. Winter works knees to the body as he continues to work knees to the body. Cudewicz attempts to buck Winter off but can't so he moves his knee up to defend against being mounted. Winter moves for a D'arce choke but Cudewicz escapes. Winter throws a punch and lands a takedown, Cudewicz is up quickly but the round belonged to Winter.
Round 2
Cudewicz comes out aggressive throwing kicks, they clinch and Cudewicz lands a knee to the body. Winter moves in and takes Cudewicz down, who seemed content to let him. Winter postures up and lands hammer fists. Winter throws a couple punches and Cudewicz looks for an ankle, Winter spins out wisely and returns to the top of Cudewicz. Winter in side control lands knees to the body. Winter drops elbows to the thigh of Cudewicz. Winter stands over his opponent while Cudewicz tries to use his legs to push Winter away to create space. Winter is once again in side control and looks for a key lock but the round ends. Another dominant round for Winter.
Round 3
Takedown by Winter who mounts Cudewicz, Winter uses his forearm to create space and looks for a kimura.  Cudewicz makes his way up and has to avoid a guillotine attempt/ Another takedown by Winter and Winter locks in the Kimura.
Winter defeats Cudewicz via Kimura 2:26


Fight 7. Dion James vs Sean Gee
Sean Gee with an early takedown, works short punches. A glove issue for James causes a brief delay and a restart. James throws a leg kick, Gee counters with a head kick and a spinning back fist that just graze Davis. Takedown by Gee who works from side control. Gee lets Davis up as the referee works on the glove.  Gee works leg kicks and lands a nice kick to the body. Leg kick by Gee followed up with a right kick landing on the face of Davis. Davis is noticeably dazed and the fight is halted.
Sean Gee defeats Dion James by TKO 2:39 Round 1


Fight 8. Jose Mariscal vs Frank Sloan
Round 1
Mariscal moves in with a takedown on the bigger Sloan and throws sown a couple punches. Sloan pops back to his feet and gets a takedown of his own. Mariscal is on all fours eating huge punches from Sloan. the fight appeared close to being stopped but after Mariscal rises to his feet. Sloan looks for a takedown but changes his mind after Mariscal attempted a front choke. Right by Sloan and Mariscal looked to be trying to lure Sloan in by pretending to be dazed but Sloan was patient. Mariscal seemed hesitant to commit to the leg kick and paid as Sloan dropped him with a left hook. Sloan moves in and throws punches but Mariscal scrambles to his knees looking for a leg. Sloan sprawls out keeping pressure on Mariscal and moves around to the side. Sloan traps Mariscal's left arm and unloads with his right. Mariscal works for a takedown against the cage, Winter lands a couple hammer fists. Mariscal is relentless and gets the takedown but doesn't have time to capitalize as the round ends.

Round 2
Fighters clinch, Sloan lands a couple uppercuts, Mariscal backs away then quickly goes on the offensive throwing punches causing Sloan to back toward the cage. Sloan reverses Mariscal and gets the takedown, Mariscal grabs a leg and reverses Sloan beautifully. Sloan wall walks up the cage and rises to his feet. Mariscal is persistently working the takedown and drops Sloan to the canvas, landing in side control. Sloan looks for the guillotine and uses it to flip backwards landing on top of Mariscal. Mariscal escapes and grabs a leg. Sloan wraps up one arm in a crucifix and rolls to his back. Sloan works for a side choke, Mariscal gets up as Sloan tried to sing in a rear naked choke, the round ends. An exciting round!!

Round 3
Mariscal moves forward with a side kick partially landing to the body. Sloan works the uppercut making Mariscal lift his head up giving him the space for a takedown. Mariscal attempts to get up, and Sloan responds to his corners instruction, to look for a choke. Mariscal once again grabs a leg and looks like he is just about to reverse Sloan but Sloan pulls out his leg and extending himself keeping pressure on Mariscal. Mariscal continues to hold the leg, Sloan lands the occasional hammer fist. With a stall in the action the fighters are restarted for the last minute of the fight. The fights exchange punches and leg kicks. Sloan shoots for the takedown and lands shots as the bell sounds. Fight of the night!!!!!!!
Frank Sloan defeats Jose Mariscal via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)


Fight 9 Team Ireland vs Team Usa
Aaron McGrath versus John Box
McGrath throws a wild kick and gets clipped by Box, McGrath falls to the canvas. Box quickly attacks to keep McGrath on the ground. McGrath rises looking for an arm in guillotine choke but isn't close to submitting Box. Box working in half guard begins to drop punches and hammer fists. It's hard to tell if the referee stopped the action before McGrath tapped to strikes. Box gets the US off to a 1-0 lead.
John Box defeats Aaron McGrath via TKO due to strikes at 1:42 in Round 1


Fight 10 Team Ireland vs Team Usa
Cian Cowley vs Lex James

Round 1
James moves in throwing a jab and getting a takedown. Cowley trying to hold onto a guillotine choke but James escapes. All of a sudden the fight is over in what was called submission by wristlock but James seemed a little confused by the stoppage as well. Team Usa 2-0
Lex james defeats Cian Cowley by wristlock, 32 seconds.


Fight 11 Main Event Team Ireland vs Team Usa
Carl McGallig versus Stefan Von Aulock
Round 1
Quick hard leg kick by McGallig, Von Aulock pushes McGallig off and returns with a hard kick to the body. Both fighter punching with Von Aulock landing cleaner shots. Fighters clinch and exchange knees, Von Aulock keeps McGallig on the cage but McGallig lands a nice left. Fighters exchange kicks, Von Aulock pushes McGallig to the cage. Von Aulock gets the double leg takedown and goes to work landing ac couple punches before moving to mount. Von Aulock drops a barrage of punches causing McGallig's corner to throw in the towel. However the referee is keeping a close eye on McGallig who is still defending himself. The referee is notified and the fight is stopped. McGallig is ok and makes his way to his feet after being checked.
Stefan Von Aulock def Carl McGallig via TKO due to strikes at 1:36


Corben Campuzano def Chad Monyelle via submission (guillotine) :40 Round 2
Denarius Mobley def Alex Weller via TKO 1:33 Round 1
Scott Brantner def Trevor Rose via submission (guillotine) :26 Round 1
Will Maisonet def Peter Hinch via submission (forearm choke) 1:36 Round 1
Jose Torres def Alonzo Fuller via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Chris Winter def Jordan Cudewicz via                2:23 Round 3
Sean Gee def Dion James via TKO (head kick) 2:39 Round 1
Frank Sloan def Jose Mariscal via unanimous decision (29-29, 30-27, 29-28)

Team USA vs Team Ireland
John Box def Aaron McGrath via TKO (strikes) 1:42 Round 1
Alex James def Cian Cowley via submission (wristlock) :32 Round 1
Stefan Von Aulock  def Carl McGallig via TKO (McGallig's corner threw in towel) 1:36 Round 1

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