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XFO Fight Night Play by Play March 31st, 2012

Fight 1.
170 Shawn Wallace vs Bill Mayer
Uppercut by Wallace and he clinches, delivering a knee and some dirty boxing. Mayer pushes back trying to throw a punch, but is pushed back with force by Wallace. Wallace works more dirty boxing landing uppercuts, and dropping Mayer with a right uppercut. Wallace hovering over his opponent, lands more punches getting the TKO victory! Nice hands by Wallace!
Shawn Wallace def Bill Mayer via TKO (strikes) 0:30 Round 1


Fight 2
155 Tim Sullivan vs Kevin Bridgeforth
Sullivan closes the distance, and gets the top position as the fighters go to the mat. Sullivan mounts Bridgeforth and proceeds to land punches. Sullivan continues to land, but grabs the cage for balance and the referee stops the fight to give a verbal warning to Sullivan. The referee explained to Bridgeforth that he would have to restart in the same position, Bridgeforth decided that he wasn't going back to the ground to be mounted and decided to quit.
Tim Sullivan def Kevin Bridgeforth via submission (verbal) 0:51 Round 1


Fight 3
125 Giovanni Navarretes vs David Williams
Williams with a left kick to the body, lands a nice leg kick to Navarretes. Williams works the jab, and lands a nice straight right hand. Williams looks low, lands a nice right, that lands solidly. The fighters clinch and grapple for position around the cage. Williams lands a beautiful left knee to the body, with Navarretes against the cage. Navarretes reverses Williams against the cage, throws a right to the body.  Navarretes pulls back trying to throw Williams but Williams lands on top moving to side then north south position. Navarretes tries to triangle the head of Williams, but doesn't have the arm trapped. Williams escapes and moves to mount, Navarretes instantly turns, giving up his back. Williams softens him up with punches and sinks in the rear naked choke for the victory.
David Williams def Giovanni Navarretes via submission (rear naked choke) 2:50 Round 1


Fight 4
155 Matt Geiger vs Nick McDonald
Fighters move to the center, Geiger side slams McDonald. McDonald's head hits hard on the floor and is knocked out. Geiger instantly moves to mount, and lands four or five punches, before the referee can stop the action. McDonald is out cold and needs medical attention. McDonald was alert speaking in the locker room after his fight and it appears he that he is well. Matt Geiger was relentless and that was a huge slam!!!
Mike Geiger def Nick McDonald via KO (slam) 0:10 Round 1


Fight 5.
160 Sam Hannan vs Kevin Hunt
Fighters to the center, Hannan throws, but leaves himself open for a takedown by Hunt.  Hunt in side control,Hannan has his arms locked, to keep him close. Hunt escapes and moves to mount, and lands a flurry of punches. More punches as Hunt then shifts for a triangle, rolling to his back.  Hannan tries to stand, but Hunt grabs Hannan's right leg. Hannan postures even higher but Hunt instantly transitioned to the armbar getting the tapout. Nice submissions by Hunt!
Kevin Hunt def Sam Hannan via submission (armbar) 0:57 Round 1


Fight 6
125 Matt Vance vs Jason Huber

Huber with a left right combination, Vance answers with one of his own. Nice double leg take down by Huber, Huber moves to mount, and has Vance up against the cage. Vance attempting a guillotine, but doesn't have the positioning, being mounted. Huber works free and Vance gives up his back. Vance tries to get up, almost getting Huber off his back. Huber holds on and readjusts sinking in the choke.
Jason Huber def Matt Vance via submission (rear naked choke) 1:16 Round 1


Fight 7
205 Skyler Petrancosta vs Pat Decicco
Petrancosta comes in lowers head and eats an uppercut. Decicco sinks in the guillotine with his back against the cage, Decicco pushes his opponent backwards to the mat and gets the tap, with a one arm guillotine.
Pat Decicco def Skyler Petrancosta via submission (guillotine) 0:16 Round 1


Fight 8 Sean Gee vs Tim LaGray
LaGray shoots right in against the heavy handed Gee, and gets the takedown. Gee slips out the back door, and is back to his feet. Gee looks to bang but LaGray shoots again. Gee knows it's coming, and looks to land an uppercut. LaGray pushes Gee to the cage, but Gee ends up on top in the full guard of LaGray. Gee throws punches as LaGray works a triangle, it's close, but Gee powers out and lands a right hand. Gee lets him up and once again, looking for that huge uppercut. The fighters clinch and Gee powers LaGray to the canvas. Gee in side control pins the arm, and starts to throw right hands. Gee improves to the mount position, and lands more punches, causing LaGray to give his back up allowing Gee to sink in the rear naked choke.
Sean Gee def Tim LaGray via submission (rear naked choke) 1:56 Round 1


Fight 9
140 Tyler Hibbing vs Charlie Richardson
Richardson with a right and left, gets the takedown on Hibbing. Richardson stands over and just misses with a big right hand. Hibbing tries to get up and Richardson has the guillotine choke, he pulls guard and Hibbing taps.
Charlie Richardson def Tyler Hibbing via submission (guillotine) 0:46 Round 1


Fight 10

Marcus Parkinson vs Tom LaGray
Fighters circle and exchange jabs, right by Parkinson catches LaGray sending him back towards the cage. Richardson works nice knees to the body of LaGray. Parkinson throws more, LaGray looking for a takedown, pushes Parkinson to the cage. Right knee by LaGray to the body, LaGray working hard for the takedown. LaGray with knees to the thigh allowing him to finally take Parkinson down. LaGray drops punches while in the Parkinson's full guard. Parkinson works the high guard, looking for an ooma plata or armbar. LaGray gives up position as he seeks out a heel hook, Parkinson defends and spins out and moves to LaGray's back. Hammer fist by Parkinson as he sinks in the rear naked choke. LaGray tries to spin to his back but it's tight and Parkinson gets the win.
Marcus Parkinson def Tom LaGray via submission (rear naked choke) 1:59 Round 1


Fight 11
185 Talin Bostic vs Vincent Decicco

Decicco with a right hand, Bostic tries to clinch but eats a huge knee to the body. Bostic on all fours looking for a leg and Decicco just starts dropping right hands. The referee stops the contest just 13 seconds into the first round!
Vincent Decicco def Talin Bostic via TKO (strikes) 0:10 Round 1


Fight 12

175 Tim Stout vs Rene Alvarado
Alvarado runs across the cage throws a right hand. Stout, off balance falls to his back right into the waiting arms of Alvarado, who sinks in the rear naked choke. Alvarado wasted no time winning in just 13 seconds!
175 Rene Alverado def Tim Stout via submission (rear naked choke) 0:13 Round 1


Fight 13 Co-Main Event

145 Eric Platt vs Daniel Flora
Flora moves in and lands a left and a solid right hand. The fighters clinch and go to the mat. Flora has top position and mounts Platt.  Flora is calm and patient as he drops heavy punches on Platt. Platt gives up his back, Flora looks for the choke. Flora drops punches, Platt turns his back to the floor and Flora lands more big shots. Platt tries to turn again but wherever he goes, he eats punches from Flora. Flora sinks in the rear naked choke to get the victory. Daniel "300" Flora looked solid and well rounded, he will be a fighter to keep your eyes on.
Daniel Flora def Eric Platt via submission (rear naked choke) 1:23 Round 1


Fight 14 Main Event

155 Luke Rodriguez vs Brian Radtke
Front kick by Rodriguez misses, left and right miss by Radtke. Rodriguez shoots in but Radtke sprawls nicely. Radtke spins and lands in mount but is quickly reversed by Rodriguez. Radtke looks for a guillotine choke and stands up. Rodriguez grabs a leg and lifts Radtke high and drops him to the floor. Radtke, unfazed holds position and sinks in the guillotine. Rodriguez jumps on Radtke to relieve the pressure. Radtke picks him up. Rodriguez, still in the guillotine is parallel to the floor. As he comes down to his feet, he is free of the choke. Radtke gets the double leg takedown, Rodriguez looks for his own guillotine and gets Radtke in full guard. Radtke uses his forearm and pops his head free. Radtke postures over Rodriguez looking t throw but ends up avoiding a triangle attempt. Radtke moves to side than quickly seeing an arm, he moves for the arm triangle. Radtke shifts his legs and applies pressure causing Rodriguez to submit. What an exciting matchup between two talented amateurs.  
Brian Radtke def Luke Rodriguez via submission (arm triangle choke) 2:51 Round 1


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