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XFO 43 Results

XFO-43-PosterDaniel Viscaya was dominant in the main event, against Brandon Delprado. Viscaya looked solid on his feet, and used a takedown in the first to control DelPrado. Viscaya spent the majority of the first round on DelPrado's back, but was unable to finish DelPrado. Viscaya started the second round using good foot movement, and striking well until DelPrado caught him with a nice right hook that seemed to temporarily stun Viscaya. Viscaya recovered quickly and secured a double leg takedown on DelPrado. Viscaya unleashed some wicked ground and pound, moved to mount and dropped big punches and elbows on his opponent. DelPrado turned and Viscaya continued to unleash punishment until he was able to submit DelPrado with a rear naked choke. Awesome performance by Viscaya, who will be next for Viscaya?

In a close co-main event, it was Andrew Krzeptowski getting the decision victory over Lawrence Dunning. A tough one to call as Dunning seemed to be chasing Krzeptowki, the majority of the bout. Dunning constantly tried to get in close, to work the Thai clinch and deliver knees to his opponent. Krzeptowski did well to avoid any major damage in the clinch and tried to keep his opponent away with leg kicks, jabs and a variety of spinning back fists and kicks. A good fight between two well matched fighters.

Danny "The Assassin" Aguirre was victorious over Justin Robbins. After several opponent changes, XFO brought in Robbins, a veteran of 23 fights to face Aguirre. Robbins with a 12-11 record, has faced some tough competition in his career, Wilson Reis and Wade Choate, to name a couple. Aguirre mixed up his strikes beautifully in this bout, keeping Robbins off balance and unsure what would come next. Aguirre landed a devastating flying right knee to the face of Robbins, sending him to the canvas. Aguirre was relentless dropping bombs on Robbins, Robbins looked to grab Aguirre's foot, looking for a submission, but Aguirre spun out of it nicely. Aguirre continued to drop punches while on the back of Robbins, and gets the victory with a rear naked choke, in the third round.

Adam Ward looked like a man possessed, in his utter destruction of Bobby Ferrier. Ward landed some damaging kicks to the legs and body and picked apart his opponent. Ward took his opponents back while standing and took him to the canvas, where we would finish Ferrier with a rear naked choke in the first round.

Tory Bogguess caught Mike Santiago early with a left, Santiago changed levels looking for a takedown but he ran right into a powerful tight guillotine by Bogguess. Bogguess jumped on his opponent, before pulling him down in full guard. Santiago is out cold as the referee stops the contest. Impressive performance by Bogguess, who gets the win in just 32 seconds.

Jason Graves appeared on his way to victory after stunning Rafal Skibinski early, but a cut on the face of Graves caused the Dr to stop the contest.  Graves was enraged, he appeared fully alert and with the cut being below the eye, I was surprised at the stoppage.


Damian Norris def Jordan Griffin via Dr Stoppage (cut) 3:02 Round 2
Phil Williams def James Smith via submission, (rear naked choke) 2:56 Round 1
Andre Feliciano def Jerald Williams via unanimous decision
Joshua Killion def Joey Diehl via submission, (rear naked choke) 3:10 Round 2
Adam Ward def Bobby Ferrier via submission, (rear naked choke) 2:23 Round 1
Tory Bogguess def Mike Santiago via Technical Submission (guillotine) :32 Round 1
Brandon Wood def Christian Reynoso via KO 2:39 Round 1
Rafal Skibinski def Jason Graves via Dr Stoppage (cut) 2:13 Round 1
Danny Aguirre def Justin Robbins via submission (rear naked choke) 2:47 Round 3
Andrew Krzeptowski def Lawrence Dunning via unanimous decision
Daniel Viscaya def Brandon DelPrado via submission, (rear naked choke) 3:43 Round 2

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