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Fire Extreme Fighting Results April 28, 2012


Stephan Bonnar was at Fire Extreme Fighting, on Saturday night. Stephan was the guest announcer and also refereed several of the fights, including the main event. It was an amazing fight between Cam Bilyard (Nuthouse) and Dennis Fisher (Boneyard).  Bilyard started strong, taking the first two rounds using takedowns and controlling the majority of the action. Bilyard seemed to tire heading into the later rounds, and was unable to take Fisher down as easily. With every stuffed attempt, Fisher appeared to gain confidence. Fisher roared back to win the next three rounds but Cam Bilyard is a true warrior. Bloodied and exhausted, Bilyard pressed on continuing to battle and finish the fight. Fight of the night!!! Fisher is crowned the new Fire Extreme Lightweight Champion!

In a close second to the fight of the night, it was a surprise match up between Tim Karaker and Brandon Frey. Karaker took the fight at the last minute, so you're thinking big deal right? Well Tim Karaker is over 50 years old. Neither one of these fighters were the most skilled that we saw on the night, but sometimes they don't have to be.  You just need two guys with similar talent levels that are willing to lay it on the line. These fighters beat the hell out of each other, and it may have lasted less than a round, but the crowd went insane when Karaker landed a big right hand dropping Frey. Karaker proceeded to finish him with strikes. One of the most entertaining bouts of the evening and hats off to Mr. Karaker!


155 William Angle def Kyle Donson via submission 2:25 Round 2
130 Jeremy Hisel def Tj Nestor via submission (guillotine) 1:04 Round 2
155 Ed Clifford def Dylan Weaver via submission (arm triangle) 1:12 Round 1
205 Chris Evans def Cody Hartley via submission (rear naked choke) :50 Round 1
140 Ryan White-Leonard def Stonewall McCuiston via TKO (strikes) 1:03 Round 1
170 Casey Perkins def George Watson via submission (americana) 2:48 Round 1
180 Steve Barnett def Andy Sarge via submisiion (guillotine) Round 1
Tim Karaker def Brandon frey via TKO (strikes) 2:41 Round 1
205 Ron Prindle def Corey Inman (verbal submission) Round 2
185 Keenan Love def Troy Archer via submission (side head lock) :29 Round 2
155 John Davis def Keith Clevenger via TKO (strikes) 1;37 Round 1
265 Paul Conklin def Ben Rogers  via TKO (strikes) 1;57 Round 1

155 Lightweight Fire Extreme Fighting Championship

Dennis Fisher def Camren Bilyard (48-47, 48-47, 58-47)

Photos by Matt Nanos

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