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United Combat League Results 5-23-12


MMA returned to Bourbon Street after a short hiatus. as United Combat League presented their first show. This may have officially been their first show, however Mike Davis and Cutthroat Tony have been doing this for years. It is the same product, just a new name. Thirteen amateur fights were scheduled for the evening, with the main event being for the vacant United Combat League Featherweight Championship. Danny Somers of Victory Martial Arts would be facing Gilbert Grappling's Kenny Jordan. Somers was the more experienced fighter, as this would be Jordan's second MMA fight. Jordan is not your typical 1-0 fighter. He is a highly skilled wrestler who is sure to benefit by the Gilbert's knowledge of the game. Jordan was able to control Somers with his wrestling for the majority of the bout. Somers appeared that he may pull off the come from behind victory in the last minute of the bout. Somers was able to reverse position with a kimura and almost had an inverted triangle but Jordan escaped and the contest went to the judges. Gilbert Grapplings Kenny Jordan is your new Lightweight Champion, this was a great fight between two highly skilled amateur fighters and was the fight of the night for sure!  

Shane Camp and Bob Stack started off the night with an exciting fight, battling back and forth. It was Camp who locked in the guillotine to get the win in the second round.  

Kyle "Captain Planet" Casey (Andre Madiz BJJ) had a nice comeback victory to defeat Victory's Ted Green. Green kept Casey on his back for most of the first round. As Green came in looking for a takedown in the second, Casey landed a knee that landed squarely to the head of Green, opening up a cut. Green finished the double leg takedown and looked to be on his way to winning another round, however Casey had different plans. Casey was able to secure an armbar, it appeared that Green had his opponent stacked near the cage and would be able to escape, but the armbar was in tight and Green tapped out. An exciting victory for Casey in what was one of the many good fights on the evening.

Gilbert Grappling's Ben Carlson needed just 24 seconds to defeat Clarence Harris. Carlson landed a big right hand to the left jaw of Harris. Harris covered up and Carlson punished him with vicious body blows, before moving to a guillotine. Carlson jumped on his opponent, making Harris carry all of his weight with Harris's back against the cage. Carlson pulled his opponent to the floor, which slammed Harris's face off the canvas. It was unclear whether Harris was out prior to hitting the floor but its officially a technical submission victory for the undefeated Carlson.

Uflacker's Billy Jessie overcame a rough start where he was taken down and mounted by independent fighter David Mitchell. Jessie was able to limit the damage and escape from the bad position. Jessie executed a takedown of his own in the first as the momentum of the fight shifted. Mitchell once again looked for a quick takedown but Jessie was ready, forcing his opponent back to the cage. Jessie forced his opponent to the mat and shortly after starts to land a barrage of hammer fists until the referee halted the contest. Good win for Billy Jessie overcoming the fast start of Mitchell.

Team Mota's Nick "The Submission Magician" Garcia lived up to his nickname, defeating Andrew West of the Arch Angels by Von Flu choke. Garcia needed just 46 seconds to defeat West, who was visibly shaken up by the choke.

Anthony Ferro (Uflacker/Toro) used a takedown and quickly submitted Jason Crose with a rear naked choke in the first round.

In the 135 division, Santana Adame dispatched Tyler Florey, defeating him by armbar, just one minute into the first round. Adame is a fighter to watch, as moves up the United Combat League ladder.

Team No Comment's Diego Cruz looked solid on his feet, landing nicely placed knees, and some solid punches in the first round against Andrew Munoz (Team One). Munoz continued to battle while visibly on wobbly legs but Cruz was aggressive getting the TKO stoppage in the first.

Team One's Joe Hruben evened up their record on the evening securing a takedown on Mike Zahn. Hruben in side control transitioned nicely to mount and started to unload strikes on Zahn. Zahn covers up but punches are getting through. Zahn takes a lot of damage as he tries to move to get Hruben off him, however Hruben kept a low base and continued to work. Hruben hears Team One coach, Shawn Terrance to take the arm, which he does getting the submission victory.

Duneland Vale Tudo's Jason Martin used his superior wrestling to keep No Comment's Darrell Edmondson off his feet, to take home the unanimous decision victory.

Elias Cepeda (Team Dino) was too much for Glenn Evans, defeating him by TKO in the first round.

Mike Delaviega defeated Rue Ben Mendez in one of the most bizarre stoppages. After the first round Mendez was exhausted and vomited causing referee, Jay Estrada, to stop the contest. Delaviega was dominant in the first round winning the fight wherever it went.

An exciting debut show for the United Combat League, which had the packed house at Bourbon Street on their feet, throughout the night. I look forward to their next event, which will be held in Woodridge, at Bobak's Signature room, on June 14th. Visit their website for details. Pictures from the event will be published soon.



170 Shane Camp def Bob Stack via submission (guillotine)  2:18 Round 2
155 Jason Martin def Darrell Edmondson via unanimous decision
135 Santana Adame def Tyler Florey via submission (armbar) 1:00 Round 1
135 Elias Cepeda def Glenn Evans via TKO 2:20 Round 1
145 Diego Cruz def Andrew Munoz via TKO 1:25 Round 1
155 Ben Carlson def Clarence Harris via submission (guillotine) :24 Round 1
205 Billy Jessie def David Mitchell via TKO 1:30 Round 2
135 Kyle Casey def Ted Green via submission (armbar) 1:39 Round 2
170 Joe Hruben def Mike Zahn via submission (armbar) 2:42 Round 1
125 Anthony Ferro def Jason Crose via submission (rear naked choke) 1:28 Round 1
155 Mike DeLaViega def Rue Ben Mendez ref stoppage after Round 1
185 Nick Garcia def Andrew West via submission (Von Flu choke) :46 Round 1

United Combat League Featherweight Championship

145 Kenny Jordan def Danny Somers via unanimous decision


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