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Danny Morales Talks Combate Americas and More!

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Danny Morales Combate Americas FinalCarlson Gracie Fighter Danny Morales is competing on the new show Combate Americas that debuted last night on station MUN2. Danny "The Machine" Morales had a viewing party at El Delicias Mexican Grill, located in Plainfield, Il. The place was packed with fans, and the excitement for the Combate Americas premiere was amazing! Danny Morales took the time to speak with everyone who attended, he also signed autographs and gave out some great prizes as well! Combate Americas is a new organization that was started by UFC co-founder Campbell McLaren. It is the first Hispanic MMA franchise in U.S. History. The objective is to provide a platform where hardworking fighters can showcase their talent and have an opportunity to be noticed. It has been an honor to personally see Danny compete numerous times, there is always a high level of excitement when he enters the cage. People in the Chicago land area have already seen what Danny Morales is capable of, now the whole world gets to see! Combate Americas will be on channel MUN2, Sunday nights at 9:00 CST. If anyone missed the show, you missed an extremely exciting show ,but you can catch up by visiting

What can you tell me about working with Combate Americas?

I have had nothing but a great experience with Combate Americas, and I feel it's like the new generation to MMA. I feel a lot of people are going to be aligned to the show by everything they're doing. They are doing a great job of promoting it, they have Daddy Yankee as the commissioner. Andrea Calle, a sports analyst as the co-host. They have Piolin from California, who will be the color commentator, similar to Joe Rogan's role on UFC. Campbell McLaren was the one who started the UFC back when it was really exciting, so you can just tell that guy is full of of great ideas. Mike Afromowitz from Strikeforce is also in the picture. Mundos television network is covering it, which is the Hispanic MTV version as well. It's going to be great, Mary Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray, the the producers of Real World, The Kardashians, and other reality TV series will be producing the show. They were the ones that started reality TV, so you can just imagine with all the people that I just named and add my talent and skills in there. It's going to be one full package of excitement, it's going to be like Fourth of July.

What can you tell me about your experience on the show?
The main thing is as soon as I arrived to Miami, I started experiencing a lot of Deja Vu and experienced it all though out the show. To me I feel that Deja Vu is like a dream come true. I can't tell you how many times I felt Deja Vu throughout the show, and it was a great experience, I'm blessed.

What do you think were your biggest challenges with being on the show?
My biggest challenge would have to be holding back my skills. I know that if I would show anything that I do in my fight, I would either intimidate them or give my weapons away. I was playing these guys like chess with a poker face.

After watching the first episode, you and JC seem to have some animosity towards each other, can you explain how that came about?
My animosity with JC, I honestly don't really know where it began. I honestly feel that he felt threatened by my abilities my skills and my confidence, but I could definitely tell as known on the streets he was a hater, good with his vocal cords and a manipulator in general. Something they didn't show is that he applied an ankle lock first day on me and cranked it 100% trying to force me out of the competition. THAT only made me more confident.



Who do you feel will be your biggest competition on the show?
I feel that my most biggest competition on the show would have to be myself. Always and in life in general.

Are you happy with the way you were portrayed during the first show?

Yes, I think a lot of people will like the way I present myself as a business man (not a fighter) inside and outside the ring. How I'm here to inspire the new generation of athletes, I'm here fighting with a purpose and not just for my family, you know I got to goals beyond my Goals. Think I'm crazy but I'm going to change the world. By the end of this show everyone will know why they call me "The Machine"..>=)

What can your fans expect to see the rest of the season?
For all my fans that are tuning in, they are going to see what it's like for me to be a machine, the discipline I have, the commitment that I made. Not only that, but how much I feel that I'm destined for greatness. They all will see actions speak louder than words.

Are you finding it hard to balance your time with the additional responsibilities?
It is a little difficult but I know what my priorities and I know what I need to do. I'm really hungry, and I know I have to keep the momentum going as well make time for the family. It's definitely tough, and I’m running on about 5 hours of sleep, but I’m a machine and I get things done.

Speaking of responsibilities, your Pro Boxing debut will be coming up on March 7th, please share the details.

I don't know who I'm fighting exactly, but I know my coach has me training to kill or demolish whomever is in front of me and literally kill. I have been doing some things differently with my style and I think a lot of people are going be surprised and excited about the way I fight. You can get tickets by contacting me on Facebook, @MachineMorales on Instagram, @ machinemorales1 on twitter.

Will you be continuing to pursue both sports by competing professionally?

Most definitely, I’m not in this career of combat just to be focused on one. I want to test my skills in each combative sport. Eventually I want to fight for Glory one day as well.

When you started fighting with Fight Card Entertainment in the early stages of your amateur career, did you ever anticipate that you would be where you are right now?

Honestly, in the beginning I didn't see me taking it as a career professionally, but I knew it's what I wanted to do. I know it was going to take my far and I'm just blessed to see the things I've achieved in so little time. I'm just amazed and it's kind of scary to see how far I’m going to get in five years and five years after that. Its going to be one hell of a ride, I hope everybody continues to follow me and continues to support me because It's all about you guys, you guys helped me out and keep me going and I couldn’t appreciate it anymore.

Have you found it difficult to stay grounded with all the extra attention and obligations you now have?

My conscious is very loud, I’m very intuitive with my thinking and actions. I think my inner spirit keeps me intact. I’m not only fighting to be the greatest, but I have a purpose in this world. My message will be heard and my hunger will be felt.

What advice can you provide to anyone who wants to get started in combat sports?
The best advice I have is work hard, work really hard. You get what you put in and the more you invest in it, the more you're going to get out of it. Most importantly You have to have faith, even when your down, the roads are dark and sometimes you fell helpless. You have to keep going, you have to persevere. Anytime you overcome a struggle, more opportunities are going to come and the suns always going to shine.

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