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Supreme Promotions 15 Results

Tuesday, 18 March 2014 02:43

DSC 0414Supreme Promotions moved their show from Joliet to Orland Park and the results where the same. Another packed house with another aqmazing card with 16 fights put together by Mike Aguirre. There were many great fights that took place. In the Main Event, Mike Reid delivered a dominant performance in knocking out Robert Farabaugh. It took Reid just 25 seconds to land a devastating headkick that sent Farabaugh to the canvas. Reid seems to be unstoppable and seems to make it look quite easy, but we all know it's not that simple. It just shows the hours of dedication that he has applied to honing his craft. It truly is scary to think of what he has accomplished at his age and how much better he will become. I don't hear a lot of people saying that they want the next crack at Mike Reid.


Josh Streacker defended his Supreme Promotions Welterweight Title against Mike Szatkowski. Streacker caught Szatkowski with a heavy right hand, as he was coming forward, sending Szatkowski to the mat. Streacker moved in for the finish but it was already over. Great win for Streacker against a tough opponent. Streacker gets better with every performance and it's intriguing to see who Mike Aguirre finds next to face him.


One of my favorite bouts of the night was a matchup between two young and upcoming fighters. Hybrid Martial Arts fighter Max Perez would be facing Vik Dixit from Counterstrike MMA. Perez is 19 years old and was victorious in his one prior bout. Dixit was making his debut at just 18 years of age. The quality of this fight was highly entertaining with Perez receiving the unanimous decision victory. I wouldn't be surprised to see either one of these fighters getting title shots later down the road. Of course they need to stay focused and work hard, but they are well on their way.


Mike Demakes was impressive in his bout with the experienced Eugene Anthony. Demakes was able to secure an armbar just 48 second into the first round.


There were two announcements made with future title implications. Moremma correspondent Chuck Giles will be facing Anthony Ferro for the 125 pound championship. Both of these fighters are experienced with Pro aspirations and this will be a good test for both of them.


The second announced title fight will be a light heavyweight fight between Ron Prindle and Billie Jessie. Both of these fighters like to stand up and throw hands, so it will surely be an entertaining fight to watch.



125- Moses Dixon def Jonathan King by split decision 
170- Andy Piczszor def Michael Manning by guillotine :33 Round 2
130- Antonio Cummings vs Michael Murdaugh declared no contest. Illegal up kick, Murdaugh couldn't continue.
Hvy- William Vincent def Nate Dine by TKO 2:00 Round 1
145- Andrew Munoz def Juan Reyes by split decision
135- Marcus Harris def Reiter Bird by TKO 1:39 Round 2
185- Dan Regal def Alex Razo by guillotine 2:32 Round 1
145- Max Perez def Vik Dixit by unanimous decision
155- Nate Wacnik def Ben Carlson by split decision
205- Adam Thomalla def Wil Napalotano by TKO 1:25 Round 1
140- Deonta Johnson def Antonio Maldonado by triangle choke :55 Round 1
155- Mike Demakes def Eugene Anthony by armbar :48 Round 1
Hvy- Angel Cabral def Halston Williams by TKO Round 2
155- Ray Bunker def Corey Lewis by TKO 1:56 Round 1                            

Welterweight Title Fight

170- Josh Streacker def Mike Szatkowski by KO :14 Round 2

Muay Thai

175- Mike Reid def Robert Farabaugh by KO :25 Round 1                 

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Behind The Fighter with Mike Demakes

Tuesday, 25 February 2014 15:31







IMG 15704294459212I believe behind every athlete that there is a story. It's not just about what everyone sees in the cage but what it is that makes these guys who they are today and what has gotten them to where they are at now. On behalf of, one guy that caught my eye was lightweight amateur fighter Mike Demakes. Demakes is currently preparing for his upcoming cage fight on March 14th as he will fight for Jim Jackson's Supreme Promotions event that will be held at Georgios Banquet Hall at 8800 West 159th Street in Orland Park, Illinois. I had a chance to interview the Countryside native to ask him what got him into the sport of mixed martial arts and what his goals are.

GH: What was it that got you in to mma?

MD: In high school I was a three sport athlete, football, baseball, and powerlifting. Competition was fun, and since I decided not to play D3 football, I missed that competition. I heard about LA boxing and their jiu- jitsu classes and said "hey, why not try it out!" So my buddy and I went up and even though I got my ass handed to me the whole time, it was an immediate attraction. As time went on and I worked at it 4-5 times a week I improved and started rolling with the immortal guys. I started going to their practices and started working striking and sure enough with improvement wanted to try a fight. The guys I had, Tony, Marko, Ruggio, Como, Kevin, prepared me, I won a war and that for sure made the love for the sport grow.

GH: What is your goal being in this sport?

MD: My goals in the sport is to see how far I can go, if it's a title or pro, but I got other things going in my life as well, but I'm not done in this sport. 

GH: Are you looking on turning professional pretty soon after your March 14th fight? 

GH: As far as turning pro after my March fight, I have the people around me to get me ready, great coaches, training partners, and Jim Jackson has opened the doors to a few other gyms to me. We will see what is presented to me after this fight and talk to some promoters and see where I am.

GH: Who are your biggest supporters in your life?

MD: I couldn't be where I am without my step dad, who I call dad, he took me in and changed my rough child hood. He's a role model to me, and is always behind the decisions I make. Also I have some great friends, who as well are always behind me, staying positive, picking me up when I need them.

GH: How has getting involved in mma changed your life?

MD: This sport has giving me discipline. Having a rough childhood, I didn't always make the best decisions growing up, sports in general kept me in check, but this one over the years has kept me busy.

For more information about Supreme Promotions upcoming event, go to 

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